Samsung unveils galaxy of new phones

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For the tenth anniversary of its Galaxy series, Samsung took a bold step and released four new flagship devices, at an event in San Francisco.

The devices include the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S10 E and a folding Galaxy phone. CEO of Samsung’s mobile division, D. J. Koh said that the new phones are “the next era of mobile innovation.” His statement seems to hold true, as the Galaxy phones have done something that no other phone is doing.

With regards to the S10, the new phone has an “infinity O” display, which replaces the notch on the front of the phone and creates a small blacked out portion where the front camera resides. The Samsung S10 also incorporates 4 main cameras; one in the front and three in the back! However, the features that make this phone truly unique are that it has an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, built right into the screen, and, amazingly, can also act as a wireless charging pad for other Samsung devices. The phone has an amazing 3,400 mAh battery.

The S10+ just has a few more features than the S10. The S10+ has a wider 6.4-inch display and dual front facing cameras – not to mention that both phones support 5G. The phone also incorporates an amazing 4,300 mAh battery.

The Samsung S10 E, is a more affordable version of the Galaxy phones. The S10 E, replaces some of the premium features of the other Galaxy phones. For example, instead of having three back cameras, the S10 E only has two, with a smaller display as well. The S10 E exists in the same capacity as an Apple iPhone XR.

Last but not least, the biggest surprise in the entire event came when Samsung unveiled its foldable phone. Consumers have been asking for a foldable phone for a very long time and now, finally, the phone will be available. Click here for an article dedicated to the Samsung Galaxy Fold.


State-of-the-art phones are not cheap. The pricing for the phones start at:

  • S10, $900
  • S10+, $1000
  • S10 E, $750
  • Samsung Galaxy Fold, $1980

The event at San Francisco has just gone to show the innovation and technological progress behind Samsung.

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