A tale of brothers

By Faiz Ali Khan

A letter to Kashmir on behalf of those around. 
Followed by some thoughts on the current situation from an unbroken optimist.

Dear Kashmir,

I’m sorry.

Pakistan and India are twins that refuse to admit it. You seem to be the younger brother that never got his own choice. Pakistan went to Cambridge, India went to Oxford and you were forced to choose one to follow. Maybe you wanted to go to Harvard but were never allowed. Whenever your brothers fight, nobody wins and you more often than not the most as a result of being in the crossfire. It is not fair and for this, once again I am sorry. 

How can we (Pakistan and India) be so similar yet so different? Something I often ask myself given our history and our proximity? The truth is we are not that different. Anyone reading this should ask their grandparents where they were born. They cannot say Pakistan and they cannot say India. They may tell you which side of the border, but the fact is they used to be one and the same.

Let us not focus on our differences, rather we should concentrate on what is truly important: the fact that before anything else we are all human. It does not matter whether we are Pakistani or Indian or Hindu or Sikh or Muslim or anything else, we are all human and we should work together not against one another if we hope to prosper. We are cut from the same cloth, regardless of what we choose to believe so let’s curb the hate and promote peace and tolerance. Fighting will not do anyone any good. 

I am not here to give a solution to any of the ongoing problems, I do not know how the Kashmir dispute will be resolved, all I know is Kashmir has suffered enough due to the actions of its brothers and its neighbours. All I can say is I hope the outcome is mutually beneficial for all those involved. With that said I hope this message of peace and love is received in good faith and spread further.

With Love,
Pakistan and India.

With tensions higher than I can ever remember and news agencies with different stories depending on which perspective you read from, I would like to send a message to all my friends across the border and those scattered all over. I hope you are all doing well and that we can catch up soon. I’m sorry our governments/armies are in the current situation. Nobody is to blame, it is just how things are at the moment but pointing fingers and breeding hate will not get us anywhere. With that said, I hope we can move forward together. So, I say to all my friends, as your PM did to ours, why don’t we fight poverty and illiteracy together?

PS. Bangladesh, we love you too! (And we’re sorry for the past)

The opinions in this article are of the writer only and do not represent the views of The Weekly Pakistan.

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