Anita Karim claims first international MMA victory!

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In a spectacular manner, Anita “The Arm Collector” Karim, Pakistan’s first female Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter, claimed victory at the One Warrior Series (OWS), on Thursday.

Anita fought against Indonesian MMA fighter, Gita Suharsono, and during the 3-round bout between the two fighters, it seemed as though that Anita was the superior fighter. During the fight Anita landed some very good shots to her opponents body and her face. Anita was dominant in the clinch and took minimal damage in her 3-round bout against the Indonesian.

The judges gave a unanimous decision in Anita’s favor after the closure of the 3 rounds.

This victory doesn’t only come as a major win for the Pakistani MMA community but as a major turn for women representation in the fighting stage for the country. Well done Anita!

Unfortunately, Faizan Khan, a veteran MMA fighter, suffered a shoulder injury in the first round of his bout with Sahara Kongsawat, and had to stop the fight.

The video for the entire fight can be viewed here:

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