Learn how to play the guitar in 5 easy steps

By Humzah Haroon

If you have just picked up a guitar and are a little confused on how to learn it, consider some of the following steps.

Commit. Practice.

The fastest way to learn anything, is to make sure that you give your time to it. In this case, the easiest way to excel at the guitar is to practice every day by starting with the simplest of chords and then moving up to picking the strings.

Listen to guitarists

Guitarists like Slash, Jimmy Hendricks or Eric Clapton can help inspire any guitarist that are just starting their musical careers. Specifically, listening to their songs will help guide listeners into the style they want to learn, play or adopt.

Learn chords not picking

Chords are usually the first thing that many guitarists try to learn and it’s probably the best thing because a person gets a feel for the guitar and gets comfortable around it.

Picking is a little tricky and a bit more complex because your fingers have to constantly move around. Therefore, stick with strumming and chords.

Chords that you can start with: G, D, C, A, Am (A-minor)

There’s no need to buy an expensive guitar

It’s because you’re in your learning phase, an expensive guitar isn’t necessary! A young guitar player will probably end up breaking the strings multiple times before really learning how to use them properly. You can play just as well on a cheap guitar as you would on an expensive one, because young guitar players won’t know the difference between the sounds.

Also many, young guitar players give the instrument up after a few months of playing, so there is no point in spending thousands of rupees for something that you’re not going to commit to.

Here are some links you can follow to buy cheap guitars



Play songs you love

There’s no need to go out of your way to find a technical guitar song that you probably haven’t even heard of. Start by trying to learn songs that you are familiar with, it doesn’t matter what genre they are, as long as they are familiar to you.

Some beginner songs a new guitarist can learn are:

1. Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol

2. Free Fallin – Tom Petty

3. Stay with me – Sam Smith

4. Smoke on the Water – Deep Purple

5. Come as you are – Nirvana

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