Navy forces Indian submarine out of Pakistani waters

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The Pakistan Navy on Tuesday was able to detect an Indian submarine trying to enter Pakistani waters and force it to turn back, according to the Navy’s spokesperson.

“The Pakistan Navy used its specialised skills to ward off the submarine, successfully keeping it from entering Pakistani waters.”

Navy spokesperson

This is the second time since 2016 that the Pakistan Navy has detected an Indian submarine trying to enter Pakistani waters and forced it back.

The statement said that the Pakistan Navy’s successful defence of its waters was a big setback for the Indians.

According to the navy’s spokesperson the Indian submarine was not attacked keeping in mind Pakistan’s desire to maintain peace. He said that the Indians should learn from the incident and try to move towards peace.

“This great feat is a testament of the Pakistan Navy’s superior skills. The Navy will keep defending Pakistan’s naval border. The force has the capability to respond to any aggression.”

Navy spokesperson

India has now intruded Pakistan territory through both the air and sea, however, its nefarious attempts were successfully defended by Pakistan’s forces.

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