Chinese electric cars to come to Pakistan

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China’s leading electric car company, BYD, will begin producing electric vehicles in Pakistan. The news comes after the Pakistani textile manufacturers, Rahmat Group, signed a mutual agreement in helping the electric car producer set up an industry in the country.

BYD produces cars, vans, coaches and buses, which will not only saturate the Pakistani car market but may also help in reducing the monopolistic behavior of companies like Suzuki, Toyota and Honda. According to the CEO of Rahmat Group, Shaukat Qureshi, BYD also sent PM Imran Khan a letter, highlighting the benefits of electric vehicles.

The letter informed the PM that motorcyclists will be able to save around Rs 4000/month and car owners will be able to save Rs. 25,000-30,000 by switching to electric vehicles.

In the long term, electric vehicles will help curb air pollution and global warming, which is a big concern for Pakistan.

BYD has also announced that it will work with Total Parco to set up charging stations across Pakistan.

The trend and demand for electric vehicles has increased globally, and the many car manufacturers like Porsche, Ferrari and Mercedes have begun to set up hybrid car projects. Pakistan’s automotive industry has seen a real boost in the past decade with many international car manufacturers like FAW and Hyundai beginning to show interest.

Are electric cars right for Pakistan?

In short, yes, but only if the system with which they are implemented, which refers to the after-sale services, and the charging stations, is used properly and is readily available.

However, cost could also play a big role in this electric car venture. Electric cars could prove to be expensive because the technology to produce such vehicles would have to outsourced as the average Pakistani worker lacks the necessary skills to help produce such a car and so the workers may have to be brought in from China as well.

The average Pakistani also drives cars worth around Rs 800,000, and so, if the prices for these vehicles exceed the given price, BYD would be appealing to a smaller upper middle-class faction.

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