Peshawar BRT: PTI’s failure?

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The Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project is a story of failure and incompetence that has overshadowed PTI’s claims of executing infrastructure projects more efficiently.

The BRT, or TransPeshawar as it is called, had been announced in October of 2017 and was due to be completed in March 2018. Since then the project has faced several delays and the KP government has had to extend the deadline for the project twice. More importantly, the financial and environmental costs have increased exponentially.

Peshawar’s new bus system was set for a soft opening in March 2019 but it seems as though the project has missed the deadline once again.

“The combined cost of the two projects is less than the cost of the Peshawar BRT, which costs a revised total of Rs 66.4 billion.”

The Peshawar BRT is by far the most expensive transit program in Pakistan, surpassing the costs of both the Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro Bus Service and the Lahore Metro Bus Service, which cost Rs 33.5 billion and Rs 29.65 billion, respectively. The combined cost of the two projects is less than the cost of the Peshawar BRT, which costs a revised total of Rs 66.4 billion.

In comparison, both the Rawalpindi-Islamabad and the Lahore Metro Bus services were completed in a year, while the Peshawar BRT has taken a year longer than it should have. The new deadline for the project is June 2019.

The irony is that in the past the PTI government, including PM Imran Khan and Finance Minister Asad Umar, have heavily criticized the previous PML-N government for the metro bus projects that it had laid out in Islamabad and Lahore. The claims made by Imran Khan and Asad Umar a few years ago now lay exposed as mere propaganda as seen below.

The KP government spokesperson, Ajmal Wazir, said in a recent statement that the Peshawar BRT will be completed by the new deadline.

Problems for the public

Due to the continuous extension of the BRT project, the general public in Peshawar has had to face a lot of problems.

The project has made driving insufferable in many parts of the city for the general pubic and has disrupted businesses. The environmental cost is also significant as the air has become heavily polluted. polluted. According to a statement by the Environmental Protection Agency, the project has caused heavy dust to spread and contaminate the environment. The officials from the EPA also added that, educational institutions, hospitals and residential areas were also heavily affected by the dust and noise pollution.

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