Apex Legends & Fortnite: The future of gaming

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For a while now, popular video game Fortnite has dominated the charts for being the best online game out there, however, there is a new game which seeks to push Fortnite off the podium and take its place as the number 1 online multi-player game.

The game which is increasing rapidly in terms of both popularity and player count is Apex Legends, published by the famous game studio Electronic Arts (EA). The game has skyrocketed to fame, much in the same way as Fortnite had done in the past. Apex scored over 50 million registered players within a month of its release. Popular video game streaming service Twitch, has seen its charts dominated by Apex. Gamers with large followings like Ninja, make millions off this platform.

It goes without saying, that Apex Legends is ready to become the next big online game.

Both Fortnite and Apex have taken online gaming to another level. The sudden surge in players and content in games like these is good news for this particular gaming genre and it creates competitiveness in the e-sports industry.

Interestingly enough, e-sports has made quite the impact on Pakistan as well and has embedded itself very deeply within the gaming community.

Gamers from Pakistan

Earlier this year, Pakistani pro-gamer Arslan Ash took home $13,000 after winning the Evolution Championship series: Japan 2019, more commonly known as EVO Japan. This victory is immense for not only Arslan himself but also for the local gaming community as a whole.

Arslan beat some of the best Tekken 7 players in Asia and came out on top after defeating Filipino pro-gamer Alexandre “AK” Laverez. Arslan is now considered to be the Tekken 7 champion of Asia.

This is a great achievement and a monumental milestone when you think about the fact that competitive gaming is not really on anyone’s radar in Pakistan. Arslan also defeated Tekken 7 veteran Bae “Knee” Jae Min who was the champion of EVO Japan 2018.

Another Pakistani gamer that stole the spotlight was, then 17-year-old, Sumail Hassan. Sumail rose to fame when he became the first Pakistani ever to win an international gaming tournament. Sumail is a professional Dota 2 player and has also won the Dota 2 Asia Championships in Shanghai.

The Guinness Book of World Records named Sumail as the youngest gamer to ever win $1 million as a tournament prize. Another achievement for Sumail is when Time named him as among the ‘30 Most Influential Teens’ of 2016.

Online gaming is a huge platform for the youth of Pakistan. With games becoming more readily available and some of them available for free and on mobile devices, like Fortnite, gaming can be used as a platform for earning.  

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