A war that was never fought but was won

By Arsh Azhar

Today, 18 years later the world has come to understand that 9/11 was a false flag which was concocted in order to put 7 nations on America’s missile radars. The age old false flag strategy merged with the latest war weapon – the media.

US kept targeting country after country to turn into a ‘have’ nation from a ‘not have’ nation. Starting with Afghanistan, the US moved to Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia and Yemen in the name of ‘War against Terrorism‘ but the question is: Was it ever a war against terrorism?

The 9/11 false flag turned into an Indian soap opera continuing for 18 years. Unfortunately, for the US, the show could not end the way it was planned by the White house and the Pentagon. Since the fall of the twin towers and the spurious story of ‘hijacked’ planes crashing into them other countries came to believe that they can play the false flag game as well and many attempted to do so, only that no country can beat the White House. No other country had mustered the tenacity to kill close to 3000 of its own people to carry out an act that can be a pilot to another soap opera. One such example is of the London Bridge attack orchestrated by the UK government but could not gain considerable fame to match the TRP generated by 9/11.

Then again among all other copycats we certainly cannot ignore our farcical neighbor of 71 years. A nation, constructed on the ideas envisaged by its film industry to such a degree that it has obscured its boundaries demarcating reality and fiction. I mean what is expected of a country that has an ARMY which, for six months, thought of Jupiter and Venus as Chinese DRONES! Or the country that has tax commissioners worried about how the cloud technology will work when it will rain. Then again superstitious enough to enterprise the idea that the mobile data can be stored in the cellphone batteries or our conversations lurk around in a room for an hour after we leave, not only this but later they can be recorded too. It’s a country where the Supreme Court states that cow dung is more valuable than the Kohinoor Diamond. Looking at them I am grateful that Lollywood never made it that far.

Most other countries that followed the US strategy of false flagging lacked certain important factors. In these modern times where there are several peace enforcing factors, false flag strategy is to be tailgated by the convincing of an adequate number of people around the globe. Where the US lacks that high population, it used its media as an effective weapon of mass destruction. CNN and FOX News had enough coverage around the globe to secure a large population for the US stall selling the latest product – The war against “Terrorism”.

As much as Bollywood is inspired by Hollywood and keeps stealing the productions, in a very similar fashion Indian politics relies on this copycat strategy. Instead of manufacturing a new product to sell to the world against Pakistan they went for the American Production “terrorism” and attempted to sell it recently in the form of Pulwama Attacks.  Despite the intelligence information provided in advance, India did not make any ventures to counter the attack. That was the general narrative of many critics of both the countries i.e. Pakistan and India, yet analyzing the whole situation to date, I completely disagree with this stance. The Pulwama Attack was never carried out by any Kashmiri to begin with. This may come as a bold statement, but come on we are talking about India here.

The attack was an Indian 9/11 which was to escalate into a full on planned war.  Over 1.2 billion humans encapsulated in the boundaries of this country and a media known to create hype followed by world recognition because of its tourism and movie industry, India thought it can easily turn enough heads towards South Asia. All the ingredients put into the pot all India needed was to light the fire to get ready and that fire used 45 Indian soldiers as the fuel.

What happened next, we are all aware of that. Patriotic slogans from both ends, claims of 300 dead terrorists, air force superiority, social media meme wars, tik tok video threats, media battles won and lost, news anchors had the spot lights, TV analysts had their fun until it all became REAL – The ten fallen trees and a dead crow were requited. Pakistani fighter jets made their way into India to make their jets chase them into Pakistani land only to shoot down an Indian MIG 21 and an SU-30. Cheers from Pakistan side, boo’s from India, videos and pictures flooding social media platforms, the whole world jumps in to watch the epitome of rivalry, news anchors in action again, false claims versus evidence games and statements from authorities which made some of us pause and rewind. 

Minutes after the Indian planes were shot down, an established fact now, DG ISPR appeared on news channels making a statement that Pakistan happens to have 2 Indian pilots in custody. One of the two was slapped around by locals and rescued by the army while the other was injured and sent for treatment to a medical facility. The Prime Minister made his appearance making the same statement and at the same time while he is facing the cameras, tickers on the screens state “ONE pilot in custody”. DG ISPR claims two pilots, PM claims two, news tickers state one. The nation is holding its breath, and the statements change to one pilot from there onwards. Most people assumed there was a difference in initial reports and the final ones, others assumed one pilot died and the other was in custody but very few went on to do the math as most were engaged in battles on the internet from both sides.

Given that one of the two planes was an SU-30 there ought to be 3 pilots in total as MIG 21 certainly can carry 1 pilot while an SU-30’s cockpit holds 2 pilots while carrying out an attack mission. One pilot is to fly while the other one presses all the buttons on the screens to lock on to targets and guide missiles. The MIG 21 pilot – Ninad’s body could be seen burnt in several videos which surfaced on social media platforms, while we all enjoyed the memes of Wing Commander Abhinandan, so this accounts for 2 pilots. The question, in context to the earlier statements of DG ISPR and PM, was where is the third pilot?

Abhinandan was happily given a farewell party right away after being offered tea and biscuits, while the government gained a huge opposition from the nation on this “friendly” gesture. Especially when there was a possibility of an exchange at least. People loathed the idea of not having Col. Habib returned in exchange for Abhinandan. Anyhow, with the return on Abhinandan things appeared to be done with and everyone assumed it to be a political stunt by Modi for the upcoming elections in India. The events were followed by some after-news on channels until it was stated that India had planned a full war in alliance with Israel and another country which shall not be named yet.

Now this is where the jigsaw puzzle came together to reveal the complete picture. To understand the whole situation one needs to know the basics of the global politics as well. Sharing our borders with 4 countries, we as a nation have threats of being attacked by three of those. On one whole side we have our arch rival – India. The south west is shouldered by Iran, whose engagement in Balochistan, Kulbushan, sleeper cells, friendly relations with India and finally under the cover of attempting to challenge Gwadar with Chabahar providing an airbase to IAF, does not put it as a friendly country in Pakistan’s list. Then as much as the real Taliban’s still endorse Pakistan and its goals we have Afghanistan occupied by US forces.

The danger from surrounding countries is prevalent and Pakistan must make intelligent moves to ensure there is no external threat. Regardless, the way India behaved in the wake of the Pulwama attack clarifies that even though there was never a full-scale war, Pakistan emerged victorious.

The opinions in this article are of the writer only and do not represent the views of The Weekly Pakistan.

Arsh Azhar is a business professional and researcher

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