In memory of MM Alam

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The 18th of Match marks the sixth death anniversary of Pakistani pilot and hero Muhammad Mahmood Alam, more commonly known as MM Alam. The Pakistani fighter pilot, who was nicknamed “Little Dragon”, is historically known and credited by Pakistanis and the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) with having downed 9 Indian Air Force aircraft, during the Indo-Pak war of 1965. MM Alam was awarded the third highest military award, the Sitara-e-Jurat.

MM Alam was an F-86 Sabre pilot and retired in 1982 as an Air Commodore.

On 7th September 1965, Alam shot down 5 Indian aircraft in less than a minute, the first four in approximately 30 seconds, establishing a world record. Regarding this, Alam said, “Before we had completed more than of about 270 degrees of the turn, at around 12 degrees per second, all four Hunters had been shot down.”

Alam’s historic action against the Indians gave him the title of ‘Ace in a day’, which refers to a military aviator who has shot down several enemy aircrafts in aerial combat. Over an 11-day period, MM Alam claimed 9 jets.  

His actions in the war have not only placed him in the PAF Hall of Fame but have also made a national hero and treasure.

MM Alam belonged to both the No.11 Squadron Arrows and the No.5 Squadron Falcons.

Till this day people remember the Pakistani hero, whether commending and remembering his efforts in the war or through the utterance of the road in Lahore, which was named to honor him.

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