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Climate Change and GAME OF THRONES

By Tooba Mujtaba

There is a theory that GAME OF THRONES is about climate change. Within the confines of this theory the White Walkers, who are a zombie-like destructive force, alter the weather during their onslaught. Like the White Walkers, climate change is the threat to the human race. Noble houses fight for control over the kingdom, despite coming together over a common threat. Sometimes they even deny the White Walkers are real.

As mankind industrialized, the elevating levels of carbon dioxide, as shown by the charts of the 21st century, depict a gruesome image of a lurking threat, which includes; rising flood levels, droughts, and ocean acidification. But stopping climate change requires nations like China, India, and the US to sacrifice and put away their political competition with each other for the common good.

The role of Cersei Lannister is personified in the real world by President Trump, who said in a talk show with CNN, “I’m not a big believer in global warming”. Despite data which actually shows that the planet has been subject to rising temperatures over the past several decades coupled with factors such as rising ocean levels, the President considers global warming a myth.

In the meantime, the world’s poorest people, as depicted by the wildlings in the show, suffer due to the impact of climate change. The destruction caused by climate change kills many people, destroys their homes and dilapidates infrastructure which causes them to have no other option than to leave their homes and get displaced. And the experts in the real world, our own Nights Watch, stand on the sidelines without doing anything to halt the damage it causes.

That’s why Charlie Carpenter, a political scientist at the University of Massachusetts, calls GAME OF THRONES, “the story of the Northern wall and the forces it holds at the Bay is about the mistaken belief that the industrial civilization can stand against the changing forces of nature”.

Limited resources, malnutrition, and smog-causing pollution have all lead to the intensification of the negative climate repercussions on the planet. And it is clearly shown in scientific predictions that these disasters will become more and more intense.

If the show ends on an optimistic note, it will leave a powerful message for the nations of the world to come together and fight the global cause of climate change and global warming.

People love yelling at the characters of the show, ignoring the zombie threat in the north. But if our zombies are climate change, and we are not doing enough to prevent catastrophic global warming, who should you really be concerned with? The world needs an army of strong nations to combat this threat.

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