The 5 most ridiculous/controversial things Imran Khan has said

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Politics in Pakistan is an ugly business. It seems like every day we see controversy erupt in the world of Pakistani politics as our legislators are not afraid to throw jibes at each other.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is notorious for his inappropriate and unfortunate remarks. Here are some ridiculous comments made by the PM:

1. While addressing a gathering in Waziristan, PM Imran Khan called Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari a “Sahiba”.

“I have come forward after a lot of struggle unlike Bilawal Bhutto Sahiba (Ms. Bilawal Bhutto) who took over his party (PPP) over a will (left by her dying mother.”

2. At a joint press conference with the Iranian president PM Khan said that Pakistan based organizations have been responsible for attacks in Iran.

“I know Iran has suffered from terrorism by groups operating from Pakistan.”

3. In the same press conference he suggested that Japan and Germany share a border.

4. Last November, PM Khan suggested that China was in the process of developing a train that would travel at the speed of light!
5. In 2017, the PTI Chairman called international players coming to Pakistan to play in the PSL “phateechar”.

“I don’t even know the name of any of these so-called foreign players. It seems they just picked up players from wherever. Picked some from Africa and called them foreign players.”

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