No Country for Rohingya

By Durdana Khan.

Rohingya face brutal discrimination and violence from the Buddhist majority in the country, also called Myanmar. Their plight has been generally ignored by the world at large, even though some rights activists say their persecution is an ethnic genocide.

The Rohingya Muslim population of one million people which is mostly living in the western Burma's Rakhine state. Burma is predominantly a Buddhist majority population which is conservative and fears that, Burma’s major religion might be equalized with Muslim religion and the Muslims minority may become an important chunk of the total populations.

The Rohingya Muslims are living in Myanmar for generations but they are being denied any identity and are being viewed as foreigners by the state of Burma. The Rohingya are regarded as immigrants from Bangladesh and are denied citizenship.

They have faced persecution from the Burmese forces. Young girls have been raped; men have been slaughtered in front of their families. Villages are being burned; hundreds of thousands have fled to Bangladesh and the Bangladesh government is denying them any rights as refugees. The Muslims have described horrific rapes; mass murders; young girls are being taken away, raped and killed. The genocide of the Rohingya has been described as a cleansing of terror, by the President office of the Nobel Laureate President of Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi. She was awarded the Nobel Prize for her continued struggle for human rights and democracy; she won the recent Presidential election with overwhelming majority.

In a recent (Asian) conference, she was heavily criticized by the Malaysian President for allowing the Genocide; despite being a fighter for human rights. She was also being criticized by the UN. The Burmese government has submitted to the conservative Buddhists and Aung San Suu Kyi has allowed the genocide. The military crackdown on this minority group has sparked a layer of frustration and the Malaysian government has warned the government of Aung San Suu Kyi; to stop the genocide of the Rohingya minority Muslims.

Pakistan has played zero or no role to highlight Rohingya Genocide by the state of Burma. No steps have been taken by our Foreign office to call upon a meeting of the OIC to put pressure on the Burmese government as to end this brutal use of military against a minority group. Pakistani media is looking at the other way; no coverage has been given in the Print or electronic media and we expect the world to notice the atrocities of the Indian Forces in Indian occupied Kashmir.

No wonder, why Muslims are persecuted all over the world, as the Muslim leadership of the world is engaged in their domestic political pity issues. The Bangladeshi government has completely looked at the other way by not even allowing basic human rights to the Rohingya community. The OIC countries have failed to extend help or even to put pressure on the Government of the Nobel Laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi.



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